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Monday, January 7, 2013

Uses of the Car Dash Hidden DVR Camera|Dvr Hidden Cameras

Technology sure has come a long ways in just the last few years.  Now there are car dash cameras that have a DVR built-in them.  Who would have ever thought we would have something like that?  It seems that car hidden DVR camera comes in handy for a variety of reasons too.  Not to mention they are easy to use and install, has video recording and playback, connects to any computer for instant downloading and contains an LCD screen so you can view footage immediately.

The hidden video camera on a vehicle's dashboard can be useful as an accident recorder.  If you are involved in an accident and the other party attempts to blame you or you just want evidence of the crash, this camera is perfect for getting the whole thing on tape.  This neat little device will record traffic at the time of the accident as well as what the weather was like and road conditions.  
Mini Car Dash Hidden Camera

 Another cool use for this mini hidden device is to record driving habits.  For example, if your teenager is taking out your car for the first time or your co-worker borrows the car to go get lunch, you will have a record of what the driver’s driving habits are.  So you will instantly know if your teen was driving fast or your co-worker hit a curb while backing out of a parking spot.

However, not everything about using a hidden DVR camera in a vehicle has to be negative.  You can use this handy little device to just record the beautiful scenery, when taking a Sunday afternoon drive with the family.  The countryside has some amazing scenery and you don’t want to miss a minute of it. 

The car dash hidden DVR camera can also be useful to collect evidence of a crime that happened or even to record what is happening inside your vehicle.  And lastly, the camera even can record when the car is not running.  So if you are parked somewhere and another car hits yours, it is all recorded for you!

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