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The author is passionate about the use of any form of hidden video surveillance equipment that can record and view activities. This passion stems from an incident witnessed earlier in life where the villain went unpunished because there was no proof or evidence so that justice could be served.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Wireless Nanny Cams–Your Security at Its Best

These days millions of people are using wireless nanny cams also called wireless hidden cameras for various reasons such as:
  • ·         observe the care that is given to their children or ill loved ones
  • ·         to protect property at home or the office
  • ·         keep an eye on their spouse
Wireless nanny cams can be found in many everyday items from an alarm clock to a button making them very undetectable.  They do not use a video cable instead, they use a wireless transmitter that send a video signal to the receiver which is connected to a recording or viewing devices such as a digital video recorder or television. These wireless cameras can be easily remove from place to place making them a good fit to be placed strategically to be in on any action taking place. 

If you are a small business owner and need to keep an eye on your cash register, you may want to use a DownView Smoke Detector Hidden Camera. It is to be noted that the smoke detector is non-functioning and should not be used as a safety device. The Alarm Clock Hidden Camera is best used to keep an eye on the care of children and the elderly; it can also be used to keep your spouse in check, it can uncover anything funny that is going on.

The Electrical Box Hidden Camera is ideal to use to monitor the outside of your property as it is weatherproof read more. ….  Most wireless nanny cams can transmit up to 1000 feet. Should you need to increase transmission, high power (HP) is also available and can increase the distance an additional 1500 feet thereby increasing your wireless transmission to 2500 feet.

Up to four wireless cameras can be viewed in one location and all can be viewed at once by using four receivers or you can use one receiver and switch to each camera. If you choose the latter you will you will only be able to view one camera at a time.

The receivers of the wireless hidden cameras can work through wall up to two feet thick as long as there is not too much metal in the wall.

You can find additional information on wireless nanny cams on the internet.

Friday, January 27, 2012

How Economical is a Wired Hidden Camera?

In this harsh economic climate it makes monetary sense to get a wired hidden camera instead of the wireless or the one with the built-in dvr. Due to the fact that it only requires a video cable to connect the hidden camera to the recording or viewing devices such as a monitor or dvr, it is less expenses because it does not have an added transmitter and receiver hardware or a DVR which would increase the price. An example is the alarm clock wired hidden camera (b&w) with a retail price of $162.00 and the wireless version with a retail price of $325.00; this results in an increase of 50% margin. Astonishing! Isn’t it?

So, let us reason together, wouldn’t you more inclined to get a camera that is connected by video cables than one that uses transmitters and receivers?  I Bet you would, because you would save some well needed money.

An advantage of the wired hidden camera is that, if it is placed between a cordless telephone there will be no interference with the signal which is sometimes an issue with the wireless cameras if the telephone is between the camera and the receiver.

If you decide to get a camera that is wired be prepared to hide the video cable from the public’s view. This is best done by running it through ceilings, behind baseboards or behind walls. A good way to hide the cable is to get the desktop computer speakers hidden camera that have wires of their own and therefore will not be detected.

Desktop Computer Speakers Hidden Camera

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Protect Yourself Always!

Be safe! Stay safe! We have all echoed these sentiments from time to time to our loved ones and friends, but are we taking the necessary steps to protect ourselves and be safe?

There are many ways in which persons can protect themselves, including the use of hidden video cameras and surveillance products, self defense products such as pepper sprays, stun guns and alarms, whatever method you choose ensure that your personal protection is not compromised.

We all would like to be protected even when we are having fun, but it is unfortunate that sometimes even in the midst of our merriment there are always some scoundrels lurking somewhere either to attack or to harm us and cause mayhem, and most of the times they escaped without anyone even getting a good look at them. Fortunately, there are body worn devices like the sunspy sunglasses or the sport watch hidden camera that will capture and record all activities without being detected.  

The cool thing about the sunspy sunglasses is that when it is not being used for spying it can function as a normal shade for riding a bike or driving a car. Isn’t that cool?  Similarly, the stylish sports watch not only keeps time but performs the role of a hidden camera as well.  Awesome, isn’t it?

Let us not be naïve about taking the necessary precautions for our own protection because things can happen unexpectedly even while we are relaxing on the beach, and if we do not have sufficient evidence chances are the person (s) who commit or cause whatever acts will get away scotch free.

Our protection should be our number one priority.  None of us should be the next victim! Learn more about hidden video cameras and how you can stay protected.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Hidden Video Camera will Cook a Perpetrator’s Goose!

Too often persons have been victims of vicious crimes including rape, abuse, infidelity, theft and vandalism. The stories told by these persons sometimes are not believed or seems rather farfetched. They sometimes wished they had tangible proof to confirm what had occurred.  Thankfully, there is the hidden camera or nanny cam to the rescue; victims will no longer cry themselves to sleep or suffer the embarrassment of some doubtful Thomas’ asking them if they are sure of what happened. A hidden camera will “cook the goose” of the perpetrators by providing the proof and evidence needed to bring him or her to justice in a court of law.

One of the cool things about a hidden recording camera is that, because it is so minuscule it is not easily noticed; many of them blend in well with home or office fixtures therefore, villains will go about their business committing various unscrupulous acts unaware that they are being watched and recorded.

A surveillance video camera will make all the difference when one is away for an extended period of time. There will be no need to make frequent calls to check on the children, pets or employees; you can monitor what is happening at home or office from anywhere in the world as long as there is internet connection. You can use a DVR USB which has software that can turn your home or office computer into a powerful, global-wide video surveillance system in 5 minutes or less. This compact device can be connected to any desktop or laptop via USB port; then you can record live video from the camera connected to the PC’s hard drive. Up to 4 cameras can be connected to this device.

Users, take comfort knowing that hidden cameras will work in your favor. Get further information on how to protect your children and pets from abuses by using a hidden video surveillance camera for home.