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The author is passionate about the use of any form of hidden video surveillance equipment that can record and view activities. This passion stems from an incident witnessed earlier in life where the villain went unpunished because there was no proof or evidence so that justice could be served.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Body Worn Hidden Cameras – Are They Effective?

Although body worn hidden cameras are known to many, they are still a mystery to some. There are people who still think that these cameras are still a preserve of the movies. Such cameras have been featured highly in James Bond movies where James Bond has been seen with different items that had a hidden camera. These included a ball point pen, a cool car key and a good looking wrist watch among others. The good news is that most of these hidden cameras are available today.

Undetected body worn cameras are usually worn between the head area and the upper torso. There are a few exceptions in terms of where they should be worn. Usually, they are designed as normal objects such as buttons, sunglasses, caps and watches. Another common feature of these cameras is their size. They are normally very tiny and therefore they are easy to effectively conceal. Most of them are wireless and therefore more portable. One thing that makes these hidden cameras a great choice for surveillance is the fact that they are the only ones which can legally have a microphone in most places.

How do they work?

These spy cameras have three different parts which make them work effectively. These are the DVR, the camera and the microphone.  The duration with which you can record is normally limited by the SD card in the camera. Generally, recording time is usually between 2 to 3 hours.  After downloading the recording, the cameras can easily be recharged and used again. The resolution also varies from one camera to another. Generally, these cameras produce great picture and audio quality.

Examples of body worn cameras

Some examples of body worn hidden cameras include sun spy sunglasses, pen and the spy watch. The spy watch for instance is just a normal fully-functional which has a camera cleverly hidden inside. They are all perfect for use in any spying assignment and rarely can they be detected by common people.

 Are they effective?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Hidden cameras are mostly used for covert or spying operations therefore they need to be easily concealable. The fact that these cameras are worn on the body makes it hard to detect them therefore they are easy to hide. They are tiny and seemingly weightless therefore someone can move with them from one place to another without any extra weight. When it comes to affordability, these cameras are significantly inexpensive. Additionally, they are very easy to use.

These cameras are perfect for anyone who wants to go for a covert assignment. This is because of their size and portability. Despite being minute, they have all basic functions that are needed for recording videos, photos and audio. Therefore, the people using them are assured of good quality recording of both audio and video. In case you have been looking to buy an effective hidden spy camera, then you need to consider buying one of the above hidden cameras for the body.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hidden Video Cameras – Spy Hidden Cameras Guaranteed Security and Protection

Security is of the utmost importance whether one is at home or at work.  A huge part of the security is dependent on being able to see the activities that go on whether we are present or not. We may not be able to be present in all places at the same time but we all want to have ways of having our eyes on places we cannot be able to be in person at all times. Thanks to the advancement in technology, there are new and innovative ways that one can be able to monitor situations around them without having to be there in person. This is done using hidden video cameras among other equipment that can be fitted in and around the homestead.

This is basically equipment that is placed strategically in the house or office to help in monitoring the various activities that goes on while you are not able to be there in person. You may also be able to record the activities for future reference. All these equipment have different capabilities and can be used to serve different purposes. DVR hidden cameras can be placed in the house or even work premises to be able to record activities that take place when you are not around. This is especially helpful when there are situations which may be bringing a lot of issues as far as trust is concerned. It may involve a cheating spouse or even unfaithful staff in the workplace. It allows you to record the activities then you can come and get footage of things that were taking place in your absence. They can be placed secretly in the bedroom or any other room then you can come get the footage later.

Other equipment that can be used for monitoring purposes is wired hidden cameras. These are normally connected to a DVR or any source of output and they have an advantage over their wireless counterparts in that they normally do not suffer from any interference as is the case with the wireless ones. Such cameras are connected to output sources such as computers or television screens and one can get live or recorded footage of activities while in a different room.

Wireless nanny cams are also very good tools when it comes to surveillance only that in this case it is not for security purposes or even a trust issues. They can be used for nurturing purposes. This is used when taking care of kids. These are cameras that are placed in the baby's room so that one can be able to keep an eye on them even when they are in a different room. Parents can also use them to monitor what goes on in their baby's room when they are away from the house thus ensuring the nanny does their work as required.

Spy hidden cameras can be used when looking to carry out investigation into activities that one may be suspicious about. These cameras are placed strategically to monitor activities. Among the things to consider when getting hidden cameras include the purpose, where they are going to be placed, whether or not they should be wireless and also if you want them to record the activities for later reference. These are just some gadgets one can use for home or workplace surveillance.

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