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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Infrared Led Flashlight Hidden Spy Camera

Infrared Led Flashlight Hidden Spy Camera

The infrared led flashlight hidden spy camera is your best accessory yet, that can clearly give you a recording of everything that goes on in the dark.  AAAA

The extraordinary features of this  spy hidden infrared camera has endeared itself to a wide range of users, including anyone needing recording in low-light conditions, the police, private investigators, hunters, guards and a whole lot of other users in the private and public field.

The innovative design of this camera features its lens at the center and has multi- functional features. It has an easy user interface with a long recording time, supported by the Micro SD Card with a configuration of 8 GB, and is a dream feature for the user.  Its convenience to the user is beyond criticism. Besides, this flashlight with DVR is not difficult to conceal because of its compact dimensions, of 4 3/8" long and 1" wide.

Additional features: This device features the following additional features-synchronized recording for Audio and Video, a resolution of 1280 × 960 for the Video, and a photo resolution of 1600 × 1200 pixels, with AV1 Format, an 800 m Ah built-in Li-Battery, and a micro SD Card with 32GB storage. The image sensor is ¼ COMS, and the camera has a 70o -view angle. Additionally, a 30 fps with a five-hour video working time, and a video/LED synchronized working time of about 3 hours backs it up. Charging takes about 3 hours and the laser light works on one PC’s working current: 30 mA.

The Infrared Led Flashlight Hidden Spy Camera also comes with a Laser Pointer, if you so require and include the Laser light which features one pcs working current: 30 mA, including, an Adaptor, IR LED Flashlight DVR, CD, User Manual, USB Cable and a Micro SD Card of 8 GB.

You can conceal the Color Infrared LED Flashlight Hidden Camera with Built-In DVR anywhere without the least problem, because of its compact nature, and you will need no additional recording devices, as it is self-contained and, like a digital camera, records on to a SD-Card. The simplicity of the operation is contagious; you just plug on, point in the right direction and record. In addition, when you are ready to view your recorded strip, you can remove the SD Card from the Flashlight Hidden Camera and view it on your PC by plugging it into the SD Card reader there.

Purchasing an infrared led flashlight hidden spy camera has never been easier. Find a secure site and use your credit card to complete the purchase. You can avail of free ground shipping if the order value exceeds $75.00

You can further revel in the satisfaction that the site will provide you with a guarantee against faulty workmanship up to a period of 90 days from the date of sale of the product to you, unless the manufacturer has offered an extended warranty. The site also guarantees to replace or repair the device, at their option, provided they do not evidence a case of customer misuse or tampering.

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