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Monday, May 28, 2012

Tower Fan Hidden Camera Wireless

Wireless Tower Fan Hidden Camera

The wireless tower fan hidden camera was designed to save space and ideal for locating anywhere in your house. Designed also for a very silent operation, this tower fan has three speeds rotating fans with built in cameras that pan to the left and the right, and grills to protect children’s fingers. Light in weight, it is highly portable and compact. You also get an optional sleep mode. The greatest advantage is its hidden wireless camera, with free 2.4 GHz receiver. This system is replete with the requisite battery packs.

Normally, these cameras come with the following features: Sony Image Sensor1/4”CCD with illumination in 1 Lux, Resolution:  380 Lines all in color, Lens: Wide Angle 3. 7mm and the power requirement hover around 110V AC/12 V DC.

The tower fan with the wireless camera hidden in it is ideal in organizing a single camera video surveillance system that will produce clear pictures whenever anyone happens to come in front of the camera. Frankly speaking, one cannot find a better way to keep watch on a particular room in the house than this single camera, self-contained surveillance system. These cameras are ideal for the daytime shots as they are all necessarily in color, or in rooms properly lit, and do not function too well if it is pitch dark. For low light situations, you would be prudent to install the Phantom 1 or 3 hidden cameras for the best results.

All you need to do is to place this covert spy wireless tower fan with hidden camera at a vantage point. It will automatically sense movement, and the video will start recording. However, do not expect your hidden camera to record nil movement unless you have set it to continuous mode. Connecting the electrical circuit to the fan by plugging it on, will power all the devices like the unit itself, the DVR and the camera. You have no hassles pertaining to extended antennas, wires, cords, or other accessories, which will give away the secret of the hidden camera that records everything and everyone that moves.

This is an excellent method of recording and checking on caretakers to children and the elderly, to ensure that they are doing their jobs correctly. Additionally, in case you feel that things are going missing, this system is extremely useful if you set it up at the right level to  capture the actions of all those who enter the room. You will have recorded evidence of any theft or misdemeanor committed in the house. You can use a video cable to watch the recordings or remove the SD card and watch it on your PC.

The problem of your pets activating the camera by their movement can cause waste of recording space. To prevent this problem, you could resort to mask the lower part of the vision field, to prevent detection of motion on the floor level. The particular feature in the tower fan wireless hidden camera is the area masking for motion detection, and exempts the camera from rolling with every motion of your pet.

To summarize, the wireless tower fan hidden camera, is a worthwhile investment for your house, irrespective of whether you want a secret purview of the performance of the caretakers and caregivers in the house or for keeping a tab on possible thefts from the house. In any case, this independent surveillance system, with the SD card subtly set in the rear, keeps an eye on things for you when you are not around.  
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